Buying Tips

Tips When Buying a Property in Aruba

Purchasing a property abroad is certainly not a quick move. Many houses are for sale in Aruba, from several Aruba beach villas to simply buying land in Aruba to eventually build your dream home. If you are certain and have already made plans of purchasing a property in Aruba or abroad for that matter, please make sure to avoid any dilemmas during the purchase process. It is to be expected to take up to six months to fully complete the purchase of your Aruba house. We have listed some guidelines you might consider helpful when buying a property abroad.

First things first: Where would you wish to buy a property? Are you mostly considering Aruba, and its beautiful Aruba villas for sale? Well, once you have decided completely that the Homes in Aruba are yours, visit the local embassy. Aruba might not have many embassies of their own, but please look for a Dutch Embassy, seemingly because Aruba is still a part of the Dutch Royal Kingdom. At the embassy they can assist you with any legal paperwork that is necessary to know. This may involve permits and tax related issues.

Make sure to have a valuable consultant specialized in real estate Aruba, who will be able to watch everything unfold with your Aruba Villa when you are not around. Another piece of advice is to better be safe than sorry, and make sure you educate yourself on buying property in Aruba. Be on top of your game, so you know exactly what is going on.

You have found your Realty Aruba Specialist, and are certain the Aruba house you saw online is the one for you. But, where is it located? Is your Aruba Villa, with that gorgeous view close to shops and utility stores? Is this something of importance to you? Or the Land in Aruba you purchased, is it easily accessible to local restaurants, hospitals, schools and banks? Aruba is not too big, and everything is accessible within a few minutes of driving.

Open a bank account. Aruba certainly is not the U.S. or The Netherlands, and opening a bank account here, can take time. So start with this early on. Another significant detail, which is often forgotten, is to acquire a Certificate of Importation. This makes sure the money you want to be imported to your new land of Aruba, will be secure. This way you can continue with the payment of bills or taxes.

Be aware of your closing expenses when buying an Aruba house – they can be higher, than it would be to purchase a home in your own country, but then the annual property taxes are extremely low in Aruba. Realty in Aruba is inexpensive compared to most densely populated areas of the world, but you should also be prepared to spend money to appoint your new home with durable furniture if you would like to place it on the market for vacation rentals. Vacation rentals are a business in themselves, and Aruba’s villa rental owners are very happy with the extra income, which pays for all the expenses necessary to maintain a home. If marketed and appointed correctly, holiday rentals generate a nice revenue stream. The more flexible you are with the use of your rental home, the more funds it generates. Business is so good, that many homeowners in Aruba have more than one villa rental, and some even own apartment buildings to generate even more income. Some Aruba homeowners rent out their Aruba homes or condos as a long term rental, and stay in another, or even stay in a hotel. The income they receive pays for whatever they want to do.

Many people look for Aruba villas for sale and are unaware of what is involved in buying real estate in Aruba. Check your budget first, and be sure to choose a qualified realty professional. These are some of the helpful guidelines upon purchasing a property in Aruba.

Hopefully, this will be helpful when you are in the heat of buying one of the beautiful homes in Aruba.