infrastructure imgSolar charged Smart LED - Lighting

Robust products manufactured with recyclable materials that provide savings of up to 80%, reduces carbon emissions by up to 94% and LED bulbs contain no mercury or other toxic elements. How does it work? When it is dark and a passer-by is detected by the NOZON pathway lighting system, the lighting is switched on sequentially. This means that the detected person is followed in his movements and travelling in the area. This creates a very safe feeling. When the passer-by has left the pathway, the lighting is switched off to save energy.


small wind Installation of small wind machines ( 5, 25, 50 KW )


Solar P.V. Systems to include calculation, placement and monitoring of solar panels. Ideal for carports, rooftops, pergolas and more. For solar projects we work together with a Dutch company "Solar Clarity", an expert in the area of solar power. We can count on their support and years of experience in the Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom. For their refences, check